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Clive Holloway   Senior Developer

location New York City   email
skype clive_holloway   gtalk/hangouts

AVAILABILITY: March 2015 - currently unavailable (but always open to conversations)

I prefer an informal work environment and having majority telecoomute.
I also haven't updated my resume below in over a year. Probably should at some point ;-)

I have worked on a variety of projects over the years, creating effective web and back-end solutions. I have experience with several modern Perl frameworks, "traditional" LAMP stacks, bespoke mod_perl frameworks and on front end based apps (using AJAX with jQuery and third party APIs - eg Twitter, Facebook etc). I also am experienced in front end UI application design using jQuery and have worked on several HTML5 Facebook and mobile applications.

I enjoy working in a wide range of roles, from back end applications to back and front end web app development, along with aspects of UI design and business analysis.

Experience: Contract Work, Apr 2012 to present
  • Transaction implementation, PCI compliance implementation and internal process development for a Debt Recovery company
  • Mojolicious + DBIx::Class application
  • Analyzing legacy site created in AxKit, planning and implementing migration to Drupal
  • Adding ORM and testing to code base built over the last 15 years
  • jQuery UI additions
  • General basic system administration - mail/DNS/backups
  • General site maintenance
Senior Developer (contract) Rubenstein Technology Group, Apr 2013 to Dec 2013
  • Rewrote application test suite for core company application
  • Migrated mod_perl based app to Plack/Starman
  • Implemented Continuous Integration (CI) framework using Jenkins for company projects
  • Created smoke framework for Perl test suite and wrote core tests
  • Mentored junior developers
  • Wrote application to create PDF books from selected web pages (Dancer, wkhtmltopdf, Gearman)
  • Wrote application to create templated Word documents from web pages (Gearman, Mason, MIME::Lite)
  • Implemented elasticsearch based search engine using elasticsearch & NodeJS
  • Created jQuery widget plugin to manage page locking
  • Worked on various other aspects of the application framework, including Couchbase caching and jQuery widget plugin to manage page edit locking
Developer - DoublePrime Inc, Aug 2010 - Apr 2012
  • Developed & managed a config driven internal application framework integration with Facebook that allowed designers to use the functionality of Facebook without having to worry about the intricacies of OG tags and JS loading etc.
  • Developed internal best practice mobile app framework (based on Mobile Boilerplate)
  • Created config driven A/B testing template system for internal application framework
  • Suggested and implemented several improvements to the internal mod_perl application framework (cleaned up singleton and emailer code, fixed bugs in sniffer code etc)
  • Create internal log parsing system that parsed 2Gb apache log files daily and created weekly reports for multiple brands to help them identify problem areas of live apps
Development Lead (contract) - Datarose LLC, Apr 2009 - Apr 2010
  • Architected core MVC application framework (CGI::Application + HTML::Template + Rose::DB + Log::Log4Perl)
  • Sought out, interviewed and hired development team
  • Manage day to day development (prototyping, code reviews) and mentored developers
  • Worked with stakeholders to identify and effectively implement business requirements
Perl Application Developer - USGN, Phoenix, AZ Apr 2008 - Mar 2009
  • Analyzed legacy application
  • Designed and implemented MVC application framework
  • Rewrote large chunks of the system for the new framework
Perl Application Developer - Fonality, Los Angeles, CA Jan 2007 - Mar 2008
  • Re-architected and implemented existing POE server
  • Added a test suite using Test::More
  • Refactored large code base into smaller, modular OO units
Lead Developer (Systems) - Ipower, Phoenix, AZ Oct 2002 - Jan 2007
  • Wrote web control panel that managed 500,000 domains
  • Maintained legacy billing system
Education: Pure Mathematics B.Sc. - University of London
Skills: Perl: Over the years I have used many modules including Plack, POE, Rose::DB, Log::Log4perl, DBI, Djabberd, CGI, CGI::Application, HTML::Template, Test::More, Template::Toolkit, ImageMagick and GD, working in CGI and mod_perl environments
Databases: MySQL, sqlite3 - and a little Oracle and Postgres
External APIs: including PayPal, Ebay,, Network Solutions, Twitter and Facebook
Other: XMPP, Apache 1 & 2, JavaScript (jQuery and Prototype - mainly jQuery though), CSS, SSH (inc SSHFS), git, CVS and Subversion


Code samples and references

I have older code samples available, but I prefer working through a small
Perl programming challenge because I feel that gives employers a better insight into how I work.

References available on request.


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